• "Dave did an outstanding job remodeling our kitchen. His list of subcontractors and designers are superb. He quoted a completion time of seven weeks from beginning of job and completed it in 6 weeks and one day. This included removing a wall, a closet, a doorway, a 3-story brick chase, installing a doorway, moving and enlarging a doorway, plus all the other things needed in a new kitchen. Not enough praise can be given to his work ethic and attention to detail."

    Earl Cory, Small Business Entrepreneur

  • "The Laurel Court Project represented a substantial investment, and you demonstrated real professionalism throughout the process. The town of Danville has an specially strict building code. You patiently handled all the challenges to meet the necessary requirements at every stage."

    James Boswell, Wine Industry Company Owner

  • "Our kitchen is more than we ever imagined. The Sierra Crest crew were a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. They delivered quality workmanship on time and on budget."

    Angie Cryar, Architect

  • "As I look at my new house, and see all the hard work and time you put into it, there is not a day that goes by that I find another new aspect of my house to enjoy even more. I am continually impressed by the beauty and high quality of your work"

    Dr. Michael Hench, M.D.

  • "One characteristic that stands out with Sierra Crest Construction is that they pay attention to the details. In fact, when we had the final building inspection, the chief city inspector commented on how the quality of the workmanship was of the highest quality, not something that he saw very often."

    Jeff Iverson, Business Executive

  • "Sierra Crest Construction exceeded all my expectations. Every timetable was met, and the crew was polite and respectful of my daughter and my privacy. I am a designer, details is very important to me and Dave's management and the crews attention to every detail was incredible."

    Claire Orr, Creative Director

  • "Sierra Crest Construction exceeded our expectations in all areas. Their workmanship was excellent and completed our project on time and on budget. And they did all of this while offering invaluable creative design input. We would use them again!"

    Terry Kramer, Business Executive

  • "Dave Davis (Sierra Crest) was amazing to work with! He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and flexible. As we began the actual remodel, there were multiple changes and additions that needed to be made along the way….Dave knew just how to handle them which kept our stress levels at a minimum throughout the process. His sub-contractors were also awesome. They were extremely professional and all of them were experts at their craft. We are so happy with how the remodel turned out, thanks to Dave! We would highly recommend Sierra Crest and Dave Davis to all of our friends, neighbors and family"

    Sherri Khan, Marketing Communications Director

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