The Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Home

As the year is winding down, it’s a good time to think about what you want done on your home in 2020

The time of year you remodel your home matters! The holidays are a wonderful time to host your family’s thanksgiving dinner, and as you decorate the Christmas tree.

Our recommendation? Think about your home remodeling needs ahead of time based on what you are wanting done. Then contact your general contractor , and get it in the works for the upcoming season.

January- May is an ideal time frame to begin an addition. Or possibly you want the bathroom of your dreams, we can get that going. Winter time tends to slow down for contractors, as most people wait till tax season.

As spring begins and rolls into summer this is when projects begin to build up for contractors. Full home remodels are common to start in spring, since the weather is more dependable and predictable. If you are wanting landscaping, this is a great time to have that done on your home.

Then in the deadbeat of summer through September, it is a great time for some indoor remodeling. Kitchen remodeling done at this time would be ideal, as it would be our goal for it to be done in time for your holiday hosting.

Overall, our goal is to work with you! We want to build the home of your dreams. What are your thoughts? Tell us.

Crazy High Winds and Smoke in the Bay Area

The beautiful fall weather of the Bay Area is covered in smoke. Times like this , allow us to reflect on the beautiful weather of our Tri- Valley.

Raging winds are shutting down certain highways due to hazardous conditions from the raging winds. Extreme cases are cause for some evacuations.

In this unfortunate time, officials ask people to stay indoors for best air quality in the Bay Area.

Inside your home you can keep the bad air out, but it can trap the contamination inside. It’s important to know the proper steps to take to keep your air quality clean. The first line of defense is to keep your space clean and use proper filters for your HVAC system.

There are several different types of filters; disposable electrostatic, washable electrostatic, fiberglass and pleated. For the best fit for your home, Environmental Protection Agency suggest contacting a reliable HVAC technician. Contact Sierra Crest Construction and we can refer you to a trusted technician for your home.


PG&E continues to shut off power to large areas of homes and businesses in the Bay Area. Over the course of the last several months, they have taken initiative to prevent fires by cutting power to several cities.

Kincade Fire has set ablaze to over 21,900 acres in the northern Sonoma County. Firefighters struggle to contain the fire. Strong winds, up to 80mph are against them. So far, 49 structures have been consumed by this raging fire.

The cause is still unknown, but there is suspicion surrounding faulty PG&E transmission lines, in the area where the fire broke out.

Power outages are on the rise in the U.S. They hurt the homeowner, but also affect the business owner. An outage can cost upwards of $30 million dollars a year. There’s never been a greater time to consider onsite power sources. Solar energy could save you from being out of power when you need it.

Homeowners , take action now by:

  • Have battery operated flashlights and candles
  • Stock up on pantry items- that do not require electricity
  • If using a generator, hire a trusted electrician to install in your home. Call Sierra Crest for a recommendation on a local electrician.
  • Consider installing solar panels.
  • Stay informed, but remain calm!

Blackhawk Billionaire Kenneth Bering Passes away

Blackhawk, one of the most beautiful and rich housing developments in the Bay Area was created by Kenneth Behring, who passed away this June at 91, was the also the developer and creator of the Blackhawk museum.

Blackhawk country club, is a luxury private member owned club and has over 2400+ homes and 2000+ acres. We’ve had the pleasure of working on homes in the country club and wanted to pay homage to Kenneth Bering the mastermind behind it. Thank you for giving the Tri-Valley such a wonderful gem.

Housing Trends in Dublin CA

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Dublin CA is the fastest growing city in California as of this year with a 4.3% growth in the last year.1 The population sits at around 65,000.

It’s obvious to any resident in Dublin that the growth has been a result of ever growing cost of housing in every city in the Bay Area and people moving further away from tech hubs like San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland to Dublin where the median house or condo in 2016 was $834,317, compared to San Francisco which was over 1 million the same year.

Move to Dublin and you can buy a house for $200k less than San Francisco, and with two BART stations in Dublin, a commute to the Embarcadero San Francisco can be accomplished door to door in a little over an hour.

It appears Dublin CA will only continue to trend upward with population as building projects continue to keep up with the demand. One thing that seems readily available is more land to build on; Over the summer Kaiser Dublin finished construction, and U.S. Army Camp Parks partitioned off more land for more multi-tenant unit projects to be built in the near future. Dublin is also in the process of designing a second high school according to the East Bay Times2.

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