Laundry Room Inspiration

Laundry rooms can be drab and a place of bore. Who wants to be in their laundry room, where the chores take place? But that doesn’t always have to be the case!

We’re here to address the renovation you didn’t even know you needed. Laundry room updates can be the spark of joy in the middle of your home that brightens each day.

It starts with the essentials- the washer and dryer. Pedestals can make for easy storage of cloths and towels under your machines. It also provides a height boost, so there’s less bending over. What type of washer and dryer you use are up to you! There are endless possibilities that can suit your space well.

Shelving in a laundry room is pretty standard. Supplies, baskets and items to be stored can be put above the washer and dryer. However, upgrading to cabinets can make a huge difference to the tidiness of your room, by hiding the essentials and clutter. Whether your style is ultra modern, or stylish farmhouse, cabinets can tie your style into your laundry room.

Sorting pieces for your clothes, whether built in on portable can make your space functional and clean. You will no longer need clunky large laundry baskets that take up a ton of space.

And lastly, having a built in table or tabletop can transform your folding game. You now can wash, dry and fold in one room. It eliminates the transfer to your room for folding and gets the job done in your one beautiful room.

What do you think? Are you ready for a laundry room transformation? Call us and we’ll make the laundry room re-do of your dreams.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is everything. When creating your dream home, it matters how you light both your indoor and outdoor spaces. It is important to consider what purpose you want your lighting to function as.

Outdoor lighting is important for several reasons. Lighting your home on the outside can increase your curb appeal. Whether you’re hosting an evening dinner party, or one day selling your home, outdoor lighting can give that wow factor.

Safety is another factor in considering outdoor lighting. It can help you stay safe after a late night making your way inside. It also can deter crime as intruders are less likely to approach a well lit home.

Of course, esthetics are a huge reason to utilize outdoor lighting.

When you’re hosting a summer party in the backyard, having the right lighting can create the right atmosphere.

Indoor Lighting

Interior lighting can be a variety of styles depending on the esthetic of your home. Classic lighting such as recessed lighting in the kitchen can be helpful. Chandeliers or hanging pendent lighting can add a pop of style that ties the whole room together.

A cohesive style in color of light fixtures is important for building the beautiful home of your dreams. Different types of lighting in the varying spaces creates warm and inviting environments.

Our team is dedicated to create the home of your dreams. When you contact Sierra Crest, we will set your home up with a talented licensed electrician.

The Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Home

As the year is winding down, it’s a good time to think about what you want done on your home in 2020

The time of year you remodel your home matters! The holidays are a wonderful time to host your family’s thanksgiving dinner, and as you decorate the Christmas tree.

Our recommendation? Think about your home remodeling needs ahead of time based on what you are wanting done. Then contact your general contractor , and get it in the works for the upcoming season.

January- May is an ideal time frame to begin an addition. Or possibly you want the bathroom of your dreams, we can get that going. Winter time tends to slow down for contractors, as most people wait till tax season.

As spring begins and rolls into summer this is when projects begin to build up for contractors. Full home remodels are common to start in spring, since the weather is more dependable and predictable. If you are wanting landscaping, this is a great time to have that done on your home.

Then in the deadbeat of summer through September, it is a great time for some indoor remodeling. Kitchen remodeling done at this time would be ideal, as it would be our goal for it to be done in time for your holiday hosting.

Overall, our goal is to work with you! We want to build the home of your dreams. What are your thoughts? Tell us.