Housing Trends in Dublin CA

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Dublin CA is the fastest growing city in California as of this year with a 4.3% growth in the last year.1 The population sits at around 65,000.

It’s obvious to any resident in Dublin that the growth has been a result of ever growing cost of housing in every city in the Bay Area and people moving further away from tech hubs like San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland to Dublin where the median house or condo in 2016 was $834,317, compared to San Francisco which was over 1 million the same year.

Move to Dublin and you can buy a house for $200k less than San Francisco, and with two BART stations in Dublin, a commute to the Embarcadero San Francisco can be accomplished door to door in a little over an hour.

It appears Dublin CA will only continue to trend upward with population as building projects continue to keep up with the demand. One thing that seems readily available is more land to build on; Over the summer Kaiser Dublin finished construction, and U.S. Army Camp Parks partitioned off more land for more multi-tenant unit projects to be built in the near future. Dublin is also in the process of designing a second high school according to the East Bay Times2.

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/city/Dublin-California.html

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